Safe yourself from the burn out!

4 sessions to get your strength back



You take your life back!

You feel responsible and strong again!


Only 4 sessions to get your strength and energy back!


1 Month only

Imagine how it would feel like to have absolute clarity again, finding the energy that you have lost, you overcome your fears that put you into this anxious state, and instead you get your confidence back again, find joy and a better version of yourself.

These 4 sessions are necessary, you know it more than ever, because you are fed up with the feeling of being tired and lost.

You are also fed-up with the sensation that your private life, and your love life has no kick anymore.  You ask yourself every night: "How can I get out of this rut? Will it get even worse?" 

 Leaving this comfort zone feels scary, too.

I am here for you, let's do it together!

These 4 sessions will give you the opportunity to tune into your inner wisdom and healing energies, rediscovering your authentic self and your core values and desires to create an empowering action plan for the months ahead.


You cannot afford to shut down and staying stuck. You feel you deserve more. More Joy, more happiness and peace. You want to live your dream life.

So, do you feel :

• Ready to live a brighter, more colourful life free from self-imposed fears and energy blocks.
• A craving for more depth and substance to your life; an internal knowing that there really must be more to life.
• Ready to release the past in order to gain clarity with your visions and goals for love, life and

Say yes!


You know you need some help to figure out where the energy and emotions are blocked.

I am here for you.

Let's dive in together and bring yourself back to life. Once these energetic stories are illuminated the doors will open to your subconscious spirit and you can live a life aligned to your truth.


This Program is for you if:

  • You’re fed up of living in limbo and are craving something more.

  • You’re anxious when you are thinking about your future.

  • You’re about to start a new work project/website/new relationship/ending a relationship and you do not know where to start

  • You’re ready to look deeper within and work through your wounds to rewrite your future.​

  • You’re open-minded, trust the healing process and excited to move forward.​

  • Do not wait, contact me for a free 20 min discovery call



This is a one month program that is tailored to suit your unique needs at this moment. We can use any combination of holistic therapies including EFT, CBT, Theta healing or Reiki as well as coaching tools to help with life, work, nutrition and health.

At the end of the one month program you will:

• Feel more in tune with your inner truth and intuition.
• Have uncovered some of your fears and reframed them in an empowering new way.
• Rediscover your authentic self and core values and understand how aligning your inner spiritual world and outer world can work together in harmony.


The Program is delivered in the following format:

• 4 x 45 minute video-call or phone coaching sessions (to be taken within a one month time frame)
• Unlimited* e-mail support throughout the month (*office hours, Monday-Friday 9am-6pm)

If you are ready to take action and are excited to unleash the best version of yourself, then do not wait any longer. Look at the bottom what Bethan, Catherine and Ivonne said after their program.

    4 sessions in 1 month

    I guarantee you will feel amazing changes

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    “One session I had with Petra truly changed my life. When I spoke to her I was in a desperate place with less money than I’d had in my life, no clients and almost zero connection to my job as a web-designer. During the healing session, I had a truly awakening experience. Petra allowed me to connect with my true purpose that I really felt I had lost. Within 1 week of our session, I had booked 2 dream clients and made more money than I did in the last 6 months doing work I loved! I just can’t speak more highly of her.”

    Bethan Arundel

    “Petra is incredibly gifted and brings a calm, focused and insightful approach to her healing. I like that Petra was an engineer in her previous career because she brings a certain amount of practicality and precision to her work using multiple gifts in her toolbox: Theta, Reiki, Yoga and of course her amazing INTUITION. After each treatment I feel so much more energised, connected to myself and able to create changes in my life.”


    “My life has evolved to another level simply because now I am conscious of more things that happened and are happening and this I can truly thank Petra for.”
    Ivonne Alicia