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"It’s your life — but only if you make it so" ~E. Roosevelt

“One session I had with Petra truly changed my life. When I spoke to her I was in a desperate place with less money than I’d had in my life, no clients and almost zero connection to my job as a web-designer. During the healing session, I had a truly awakening experience. Petra allowed me to connect with my true purpose that I really felt I had lost. Within 1 week of our session, I had booked 2 dream clients and made more money than I did in the last 6 months doing work I loved! I just can’t speak more highly of her.”

Bethan Arundel

Web Designer

“Working with Petra has been incredibly helpful to gain clarity for my business and bringing it to the next level. Her intuition and insight have totally transformed the way how I see my business, how I am reacting to stress, overwhelm, and anxiety. I have done PLENTY of talk therapy, but the sessions I have had with Petra have brought me a sense of peace and calm that I haven't experienced for a long time, I have a whole different mindset now. I don't know how to describe what she does, but it is absolutely POWERFUL! Thank you!”

Collen Baughn

Nutrition and Life Coach

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You are fed up with searching and feeling stuck, but ready to start finding your truth, what your life, your soul purpose, your hearts desire, your dream life is about! Please contact me to find out how I can best serve you. Or if you are interested in buying an art piece because it speaks to you, because it touches your heart and also brings you closer to your authentic self, I'd be happy to hear from you. 
Get a free chapter of my book here or go to the amazon-link in the bottom to order it directly and learn more about "How I got rid of imbalances in my life" and found my true meaning in life.
"The authentic Self is the Soul made visible"

Sarah Ban Breathnach

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