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7 Day FIND CLEAN Challenge

Everyone knows they should eat better.

But what to eat?

More than anything, you just want to find a simple way to feel better.
No diet fads here. 
No products sold here. Just read. Shop. Prepare. Eat. 

  I’ll show you how to Find Clean 7 days flat. 

If you give yourself these 7 days you also understand more about your connection to food, where you have cravings, where you have your own power, where you are distracted. Bringing clarity into the relationship with food, brings clarity into our life.

find living food

You'll discover the beauty of
healthy food


That was never easy for you, right?

find detox

You'll get rid of your sugar cravings and detox


 Maybe this is something you have tried for a long time already, right?

find balance

You'll get a 31 page e-guide, recipes, a shopping list, and coaching access to me 

Now you can relax. Together we will find balance.

About me

I am a certified Health Coach, I studied with the Institute of Integrative Nutrition in NYC. My experience of healthy eating is not just theoretically, I did different programs myself and gained lots of insights and experience with it. My knowledge as a teacher and coach of Mindful Eating, Meditation and Yoga helps me a lot to understand my clients and give them what they need to evolve and have a healthier life.

I am also the author of "YIN IS THE NEW BLACK - how to get rid of imbalances in life", where you can read how I changed my life and gained more energy to live the life I want.

Mare Gaillard, Guadeloupe

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